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Read the stories of female entrepreneurs from around the world and get inspired and empowered to succeed in your own business. We’ve published stories on a wide range of women, from girls in their teens, to women in their sixties, from student entrepreneurs, to mum entrepreneurs! From women who quit their job to start a business, to women who were made redundant and so started a bu2siness. These women come from all over the world – from the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Ireland, the Netherlands, Russia, India and more! But despite all of their differences, these women do have a few things in common – they are all passionate, determined and committed to turning their ideas into a reality, building successful businesses and living a life the dream of and LOVE. I hope their stories inspire you and leave you feeling fired up, ready to achieve incredible things!

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10 Lessons for Women Small Business Entrepreneurs

Starting a business is full of ups and downs, where you meet challenges every step of the way. To succeed, you need to have passion, skills, knowledge, chutzpah, and lots and lots of luck. But it all starts with you.

I have come across a very interesting article shared by Alicia M. Forest, a business breakthrough mentor, on the lessons she’s learned as an entrepreneur. Alicia is in the business of teaching women entrepreneursthrough her website how to attract more clients and create profit-making products and services. The lessons she shares are very insightful, yet sensible and practical. According to her, these nuggets of wisdom came to her after a very fruitful women entrepreneurship conference that she attended.

10 Single Mom Entrepreneurs Share Their Best Business Advice

Running your own business is no piece of cake. Neither is raising a family. These 10 single moms, all of whom have built successful companies, manage to do both with a mix of intelligence, creativity and sheer determination.

For some of these mompreneurs, starting a business was a means of creating a better life for their kids; for others, the kids themselves inspired the business idea…

How to Start a Business Before You Graduate (10 Kidpreneurs to Inspire You)

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Why Women Are More Effective Leaders Than Men

In a three-part series for Business Insider, Sherwin, the COO of leadership consultancy Zenger Folkman, examines women’s leadership effectiveness, representation in corporate America, and solutions for increasing their ranks, building upon the firm’s research first published in a 2012 Harvard Business Review article.

In today’s large organization, as women climb up the corporate ladder they vanish. While the statistics vary slightly around the world, this is an extremely consistent pattern.

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Eight Leadership Lessons From The World’s Most Powerful Women

Today I had the great pleasure of speaking at The Innovation Enterprises’ 2013 Women in Strategy Summit, which brings together 75 high-level women in marketing and strategy, about the leadership secrets of the world’s most powerful women. With women comprising just 4% of corporate CEOs, 14% of executive officers and 20% of America’s government officials, we’re facing a persistent leadership gap at the highest echelons. To move forward, we must first take stock of what isworking. The following eight leadership lessons, synthesized and updated from a keynote I gave last year, come directly from the women who know what it takes to get to the top.

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Women-Owned Businesses: A Tale of Two Types Of Entrepreneurs

Just the facts, ma’am

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. It was the age of opportunity, it was the age of necessity. It was the epoch of unicorns (start-up companies valued at a billion dollars or more), it was the epoch of struggling sole proprietors. That is the story revealed by 2012 U.S. Census Bureau’s Survey of Small Business Owners for women.

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